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In A Wreck? 2 Tips To Decide If You Should Repair Your Car Or Total It

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If you are in a wreck and your insurance company tells you that you should total your car, you should have it checked first by an auto body repair specialist, such as at Collisions Plus Performance. This is because the auto body shop may be able to repair your car to save you a lot of money. Your insurance company also plays a role in this. For example, If it will cost more money to repair your car than what your car is worth, the insurance company will total it. Below is more information about this so you will know what you should do with your car.

Damage to Rear End

If a car runs into your car from the back it is automatically the other driver's fault. This is because running into you shows they were following you too closely. Some rear end collisions result in damage to the bumper only, which is very easy to replace.

How much it would cost to repair your bumper depends on the type of bumper you have. For example, if you have a dent-resistant plastic bumper the repair would be much less when compared to a bumper that is not resistant to dents.

In some cases, a rear end wreck can cause more extensive structural damage to your car. An auto body repair shop can give you this information.

Damage to Frame

If your vehicle has structural damage, such as a bent frame, it would be very difficult and expensive to repair but possible. If your car is older and not worth a lot it would be best to total it. If you have an expensive, new car, however, talk with a body repair specialist about how much it would cost to repair it and if they can repair your car. In some case the cost may be much less than what your car is worth.

The auto body shop will measure your frame and compare it to the measurements of the manufacturer. If found to be out of alignment, they have machines they can use to pull the car's frame back to the right measurements. If the frame is severely bent, they would likely not be able to do this.

If this happens to you, first contact your insurance company. They may tell you what body shop to take your car to. In most case, however, you can choose your own body shop or get a second opinion at a body shop of your choice.