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Why It's So Important To Get A Regular Oil Change

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Your engine oil needs to be changed regularly, either based on how long it has been since the oil was last changed or how many miles you have driven. That is because oil naturally degrades over time, and even an infrequently used vehicle can benefit from having its oil changed. Here is what you need to know about why it's so important to have the oil changed in your vehicle.

The Oil Becomes Thin Or Thick

The reason that it is recommended to change your oil after a specific amount of time is that oil is going to become thin. Old oil is going to become thin over time, which will lead to the engine not being able to use the oil as efficiently as it could if the engine oil was the proper viscosity. If you have been driving a lot, the oil is going to get dirty and become very thick, which causes its own types of problems.

The Oil Pump Will Not Work Properly

Thin or thick oil also leads to the oil pump not being able to work as intended. The oil is going to have a hard time making its way to the parts of the engine that need lubrication since it needs to be the proper thickness for the oil pump to inject the oil where it needs to be. 

The Engine Parts Will Lack Lubrication

If the oil cannot reach the engine, it is also going to lead to the engine lacking lubrication. Metal parts are going to rub against metal, and the engine is going to get hotter than it should when running. As you can imagine, the engine can easily overheat because of this.

The Oil Will Not Remove The Engine Heat

All of that oil that flows through the engine also has the job of removing the heat that is generated by friction. Once the oil flows through the engine, it eventually cools down and disperses the heat further away from the engine to keep the temperature as low as possible.

The Engine Will Fail

The biggest consequence that can come from not changing your oil is that you can have complete engine failure. You definitely do not want to have it reach this point, because you will end up with a very expensive repair that you may not be able to afford. Thankfully, it can all be avoided with a simple oil change.  

For more information, visit an auto shop that offers oil changes